Wireless Portable Electric Air Pump

  • CORDLESS FAST INFLATING & EASY TO USE - Cordless use and fast inflation, can be used without an external power supply. It makes inflating tires in an emergency easier and more convenient.
  • PORTABLE & COMPACT DESIGN - Compared with the huge volume of traditional car air inflator, Baseus air inflators are only the 130mm hand sizes and can be easily put into your backpack and pocket. No matter what kind of situation, to make you more easy to carry on air inflator.
  • TPMS DIGITAL DISPLAY - LED digital displays to show tire pressure with one touch. Real-time reporting of accurate data to know tire pressure at a glance.
  • AUTO SHUT OFF - Precise inflation after presetting tire pressure, automatic stop when reaching the right pressure. Over-inflation and under-inflation protection for a novice.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE - Baseus tire pump is equipped with 3 nozzles. A wider applying range to cover various needs for inflatables such as vehicle tires and sports or entertainment equipment including compact or midsize Sedan, SUV, ATV, bike, motorcycles, air mattress, inflatable boats, balls etc.
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